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Skin Brightening Facial Kit with Licorice Extract for a Radiant Skin| 410gm (Pack of 8)

Skin Brightening Facial Kit with Licorice Extract for a Radiant Skin| 410gm (Pack of 8)

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Gradual Brightening Of skin, and more Radiant Skin

Skin Whitening Facial Kit pampers your skin, enhancing its texture from within to give you that fresh, youthful and glowing skin. Enriched with the goodness of natural skin-lightening ingredients like saffron and turmeric, this skin whitening and brightening kit is perfect to add long-lasting glow to your skin. The components in this kit have great moisturising and nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and milk protein that enhances your skin texture and improves skin tone. Use this skin whitening kit to gradually lighten your complexion naturally without having to use harmful chemicals.



• Skin Secrets Skin Whitening Cleanser: This cleanser is enriched with natural bleaching ingredients like saffron and turmeric that deep cleanse your skin and gradually lighten it. Use it to cleanse impurities and makeup residue at the end of the day without losing your skin's natural moisture.

• Skin Secrets Skin Whitening Scrub: This skin whitening scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and helps get rid of dirt, impurities and blackheads. The active natural ingredients in the scrub brighten the skin and reduce blemishes and marks.

• Skin Secrets Skin Whitening Cream: Massage your skin with this gentle skin whitening cream that is enriched with the goodness of vitamin E and milk proteins that moisturises the skin well and enhances skin texture.

• Skin Secrets Skin Whitening Gel: Give a dose of intense hydration to your skin with this skin whitening gel complete with natural extracts of turmeric, saffron and vitamin E. It not only locks in moisture into your skin, but also protects skin against sun and pollution exposure damage.

• Skin Secrets Skin Whitening Pack: Enriched with milk proteins and other natural extracts along with skin brightening properties, this pack allows the ingredients to penetrate to the deeper layers of your skin to enable lasting results. Use this skin whitening face pack to purify and detoxify your skin, as the lactic acid rich milk proteins deliver nourishing care.

• Skin Secrets Skin Whitening Serum: Use this ultimate conclusion product the skin whitening serum by skin secrets to get radiant younger looking skin. The skin conditioning ingredients of the serum impart and even texture and skin tone, improving the overall health and appearance of your skin.

• Skin Secrets Skin Whitening toner: This toner improves the skin complexion, reduces tanning while maintaining suppleness of the skin.

• Skin Secrets Skin Whitening Tonic: This tonic improves the skin texture, firmness & elasticity. An ideal choice for instant glowing effect.


Provides radiance:

Licorice extract or Mulethi helps brighten the complexion while naturally treating hyperpigmentation, giving your skin a smooth and brighter look and make it look radiant.

Detoxifies skin:

The facial kit boosts the detoxification process of your skin, negates the effects of pollution, sun exposure, and helps to repair and in the regeneration of the skin cells.

Promotes Even skin tone:

Walnut grains helps with exfoliation of skin, thus, reducing pigment production and the subsequent transfer of pigment into your skin. This leaves you with a more even complexion.

Improves texture and tone:

It Skirmishes the early signs of aging and prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Improves the tone and texture of your skin with regular usage. Gentle formula suitable for all skin types.



Skin Whitening Dust:

The dust, dirt and grime particles facilitate the accumulation of toxins. Skin Whitening dust opens up the pores and helps to get rid of harmful toxins from within and protects skin from pollution.

Licorice extract:

Licorice extract brightens the skin in another way, too. It contains liquiritin, an active compound that helps to disperse and remove existing melanin in the skin. It naturally treats pigmentations, giving your skin a smooth and brighter look.

Walnut Grain:

Vitamin E in walnuts may help fight the free radicals caused due to stress. This helps delay the ageing process. Anecdotal in walnuts may help make your skin glow too. Walnuts work over time to exfoliate dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other impurities to give you healthy, clear and incredibly supple skin.

Sodium Lactate:

Sodium Lactate is used to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, and other factors that contribute to a dull and uneven complexion. It also improves skin tone and reduced pore appearance.




Step 1: Skin Whitening Cleanser

Apply all over the face and neck in light circular motion & massage for 3-5 mins, wash off or remove with moist cotton.

Step 2: Skin Whitening Scrub

Take an appropriate amount of scrub & apply evenly on wet face then gently massage with feather-like upward and outward strokes for 5 minutes & rinse off with water or wipe off using moist cotton.

Step 3: Skin Whitening Cream

Apply cream over the face and neck, gently massage for 8-10 mins in a circular motion with firming & lifting upward & outwards strokes. Massage till cream gets absorbed in the skin.

Step 4: Skin Whitening Gel

Take an appropriate amount and apply on face and neck, gently massage into skin, using upward & downward motion. Remove it with moist cotton.

Step 5: Skin Whitening Pack

Apply pack in a thick layer all over the face and neck area with fingertips. Avoid areas around eyes and leave it till it dries. Rinse with fresh water

Step 6: Skin Whitening Serum

Mix the serum in massage gel and massage cream during the massage process. This will help provide better glow and radiance to the skin. Also after facial, massage this serum for 4-5 minutes to give an instant glow to face..

Step 7: Skin Whitening Toner

Take an appropriate amount and apply on face and neck, gently massage into skin, using upward & downward motion. Remove it with moist cotton.

Step 8: Skin Whitening Tonic

Finally as your last step, apply the tonic to give an instant glow.



• Men and women of age 18 years and above.

• Skin Secrets Skin Whitening Facial Kit is suitable for all skin types.